5 Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies – Tips And Tricks

Consistently applying web 2.0 marketing strategies shouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes twice a week provided you have the content prepared.

If you’re like me you wish software engineers would get together over lunch and agree on functionality so that web 2.0 marketing could be easier.

The value of having unique content on a variety of sites is great for any business or entrepreneur. The biggest problem is remembering the different nuances in how to update these different sites.

1.    First tip:

Select at least 5 web 2.0 sites you’d like to work with. See if they’ll be compatible for the content you’ll be providing. Some are strictly news sites, others are strictly whimsical.

Take detailed notes or videos while you setup the initial content. I haven’t seen two sites even remotely close to working the same way. By the time you get to the third site you’ll understand.

2.    Text Is Good – Pictures Are Better – Video Is Best

Not all of the web 2.0 sites I use for marketing support video. Some require embedded or linked video from another site. Ideally you want to upload the video content to as many places as possible so finding web 2.0 sites that host video directly is golden.

3.    Link Back To Your Site

Whether you only have a blog, or an actual revenue bearing site, linking back from each web 2.0 site is key. If you have both (which you should) you can link to both.

This is important: Your link should be from a keyword or phrase (titled with the same keyword) to a page containing that same keyword.

4.    Link Them Together

Again, keeping in mind (I’ll say it again) when you link from one web 2.0 keyword to another web 2.0 site, someone following that link should be finding something specific about that keyword.


Web 2.0 marketing strategies can become a huge waste of time if they never serve the intended purpose; ranking and inbound links.

People don’t like getting caught in loops, and neither do search engines. Link the first site to the second, the second to the third, the third to the fourth, the fourth to the fifth, and the fifth just comes home. Since we never setup outbound links from our blog or website to the web 2.0 properties, eventually the search engines find us and stop.

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