Some Tips for Utilizing Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a series of social media and social networking sites that open up opportunities for the internet marketer to reach more customers than they ever thought possible. The jest of Web 2.0 is making a more user friendly, user interactive online experience that puts the user in control of the way they view information. With all of the social platforms out there; the user now has the ability to personalize their online experience.

Web 2.0 allows users to build online communities with people that share similar interests where they can interact with one another on a social level. Some of the most popular social media/networking sites that are utilized are: MySpace, FaceBook, WordPress (blogging), and YouTube. These sites offer the business the ability to have a more personal friendly approach allowing the user to interact with the business on their own terms.

Companies should be careful not to use these social platforms as a way of directly advertising to the customer. These websites should be creatively set up so that the user does not realize they are being sold “to”. Be helpful and informative about the product and/or service that is being promoted; allow users comments and suggestions and be prepared to listen to their comments and suggestions. Remember, the consumer if the life blood of the company; and their opinion is the most important one.

YouTube is a very popular platform where anyone can create and upload informative videos to the web. Make the videos short, informative and as fun as possible. Again, try to avoid using a sales pitch. Always make certain to place the company’s web page link at the bottom of the video. If the video catches the attention of just a handful of users; they will in turn do the advertising for you. These users will tell their online friends about your site and it will most definitely increase traffic.

Web 2.0 has opened up many opportunities to reach a much larger audience than they ever thought possible. The internet marketer can now become a part of online communities where they actually interact with the consumer rather than simply just trying to sell to them. Direct interaction with users builds a feeling of trust and online visibility.

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