Utilizing Web 2.0 Marketing Online Using Videos

Web 2.0 Marketing Online has leveled the playing field between the small business and the large business. With all of the social media and network sites that are used by billions of people every day; businesses can reach more customers than they ever dreamed was possible.

There are over 60 video sharing sites that one can use online. One of the most popular video sharing sites is YouTube. There is also Flickr, and Yahoo video; the list goes on and on, but the outcome can be the same; allowing businesses of all sizes to create more online visibility, increase page rankings, and increase revenues.

Using an online video sharing site is a simple process that anyone with a camcorder and a pc can do. And what is even better: most of the video sharing sites are free to upload to.

Make the video: Create a short 2-3 minute video. Make the video interesting and informative. Find a creative way to sell the company’s product or service without letting the viewer know they are being sold to. If the user realizes this is just another sales video, they are likely not to continue watching it.

Upload the video to the computer: The video will more than likely be too large to be directly uploaded to the video sharing site. Both Windows and Mac computers have video compression software built in. These programs allow you to edit the video to make them more appealing to the viewer. Videos let the viewer know that they are dealing with a real person instead of just some automated computer system.

Consider posting the video to more than one site: Of the more than 60 video sharing sites available on the net; it might be a good idea to upload the video to more than just one site. If the video gets 5 hits per day on one site; imagine how ratings will soar if the video got 5 hits per day on 2-3 sites!

Using any or all of the social media platforms that Web 2.0 Marketing Online has opened up for the internet marketer can most definitely help the little guy rank right up there with the big dogs!

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