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Web 2.0 is not only changing the way that users view and manipulate data, it is also changing the way internet marketers must do their advertising if they want to continue to have online visibility. Web 2.0 Marketing makes advertising talk to their customers rather than to them. People have opinions and they want them to be heard. The marketer must be willing and able to utilize these new social media sites to interact with their users if they expect to be able to compete in this new online world of conversation.

The internet is viral in nature and is constantly changing. Users participate in online communities where they can connect with other users that have the same interests, backgrounds, and other things that are important to them. They love to share information among themselves.

Marketers must learn how users interact with one another and get themselves involved in those same circles. Social media allows marketers the ability to connect directly with users in a way they never thought possible before. Sites like FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, and Delicious are great places to connect with users and gain more visibility online. All it takes is for a handful of users to find your content interesting. They in turn will share that information with their online friends; in effect gaining the product and or service more exposure.

FaceBook and MySpace are online communities where users create profiles and build a community of friends with similar interests. Users can search for contacts using different criteria, request to be added as friends and make tons of connections. Best of all these sites are free to set up.

YouTube is a video sharing site that is also free to sign up and post to. Videos should be short, informative and fun. Make sure that it is not an obvious attempt to sell something. This will result in users not clicking the link to the homepage. Remember, users do not want to be talked “at”; they want to be talked “to”.

Web 2.0 Marketing is an easy way to advertise, gain more online visibility, increase page rankings, build product brand and trust among online users. Web 2.0 Marketing may not be for everyone. It takes an open mind and the willingness to adapt, change and interact with potential customers to make it in the world of Web 2.0 Marketing.

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