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Web 2.0 has not only opened up new ways for the marketer to advertise online, but it has also changed the way that users experience the internet. There are many different types of things that users have grown to expect from using the internet.

There is a wide range of interactions that users experience while they are online; some of intentional and others are not intentional. There are interactions that the user may not even realize are happening. These are powered by website visits, phone calls, instant messages, and much more.

The Intended User Experience
The intended user experience consists of the user’s manipulation of information. When a user goes online with a certain purpose in mind they are in control of what sites they visit. For instance, if they are doing a web search for specific information their activities are self-guided. And, in the end they will reach their ultimate goal. Giving as little or as much information as they choose and completing their task in a reasonable amount of time.

Sponsor’s Perceptible Goals
When a user visits a site where a good or service is being sold; they expect to encounter advertising. The user knows that the company is going to collect a certain amount of information from them.

Sponsor’s Imperceptible Goals
These are goals that are not obvious to the user. These can include things such as recording behavior, dropping cookies, and collecting personal data to resell later.

The user experience can be viewed as a funnel. Basic information goes in, and then goes through a series of other experiences with the end results being the actual user experience and a variety of other outcomes. Other outcomes can include the need for additional interaction or changing channels.

The Web 2.0 Marketing experience starts out as three basic things: generated users, self-directed users and serendipitous users. Generated users are driven to the experience either directly or indirectly. Self-directed users who initiate the experience on their own. Serendipitous users accidently come upon the experience. So whether the user comes upon your site on purpose or through some other way, chances are the more social media platforms the company utilizes the more online visibility the company will have.

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