Web 2.0 May Be Appearing on Mobile Phones

The explosion of Web 2.0 on the net may very well be incorporated into mobile devices and some are dubbing this as Mobile Web 2.0. Mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones and PDA’s already use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, have the ability to download apps and podcasts, allow reading of RSS feeds, offers GPS services and allows for the uploading and downloading of photos. So, in a sense, Web 2.0 is already a small part of mobile devices.

Some mobilists believe that the mobile device will become the dominant access method of connecting to the web. At the present time this is not possible because mobile devices do not always have enough signal strength to connect to the net everywhere. So, until this obstacle is overcome, the PC will still be the dominant source for going online. The idea is for more devices to become hybrid and that networks will be accessible from everywhere.

Some essential components of Mobile 2.0 are:
• providing more options for the user
• formatting the context so it can appear on a small screen, figuring out how to display the information on a small screen
• making it affordable to access the network
• making it more socially interactive by giving the user more choices
• creating intelligent applications
• providing new business opportunities

Web 2.0 is already in existence in the mobile world and it is expected to continue to grow, evolve and mature until (as some believe) mobile devices will eventually be the most used source for connecting to the net for social networking and all other internet purposes; especially for the younger generation.

Web 2.0 is not only changing the way that internet marketers think and strategize; it is also finding its way into the mobile device. Mobile Web 2.0 is just a set of services that are easy just as functional and easy to use as the web is today. There are many challenges that must be overcome before mobile Web 2.0 is actually recognized and titled Mobile Web 2.0. But, experts believe that mobile devices will become modeled to work like Web 2.0 does; in a user friendly socially interactive way.

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