Is Attraction Marketing found in Power Prospecting System?

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Video Rating: 5 / 5 Is video marketing a priority for you and your business? I’m going to suggest that it should be. You see video promotion, and in particular youtube marketing is a great way to get targeted web traffic to your website. Viral video marketing is even better as it encourages visitors to share your content with their friends. The fact is, video marketing works. The video marketing concepts in this video will help you decide on the format and content of your videos, and how to ensure you are targeting your audience correctly. Tim Buchalka is a web 2.0 and web traffic guru, and has released numerous products, videos, articles, and jokes (yes jokes). He loves youtube and spends a lot of his spare time camping and driving his beloved Mitsubishi Outlander in 4wd mode :) We hope you enjoy this video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  3. Good Job, Keep Up The Good Work.
    Have Fun Making The Next Vid, Keep in Touch

    Gavin Stephenson
    Chase Me Marketing & Consultancy

  4. I really liked your video and your channel. If you need any help getting this video or channel exposed I use a site called tubeviews.(net) It has really helped like 20 of my main videos get to the top in position. Its nice.

    I like what i watched.

  5. No way out man Asian women

  6. Good solid information but it was a shame you just kept the same text up throughout the video… effectively just making this an mp3 audio

  7. Thanks. Some good advice. Agreed. Video is one of the best ways to engage with customers. With much online clutter, especially pages crammed with text, a big image with “play” button grabs my attention everytime.

    I hope you read this as being constructive, not rude, but is your vid a good example of the advice that you’re giving? Still or moving images would reinforce each point, making your vid more memorable and more appropriate for YouTube viewers. Hope that helps!

    Gareth Christie

  8. Good Information on Video Marketing, appreciate the insight- Thanks

  9. I love your vid! Good work. Check mine too on my channel.

  10. Automate Your YouTube Traffic

  11. hmmm interesting , my your blogs phenomenal – but where is the price ??”

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