The Complete Guide to Writing Web-Based Advertising Copy to Get the Sale: What You Need to Know Explained Simply

The Complete Guide to Writing Web-Based Advertising Copy to Get the Sale: What You Need to Know Explained Simply

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Since the advent of the Internet and since more and more people are making purchases online, writers have had to adapt to composing copy for the Web. Contrary to what many people think, writing for the Web and writing for print are not the same and involve very different skill sets. Instead of struggling to find the right words, copywriters should read this new book from cover to cover to discover how to write sales-generating copy. The Complete Guide to Writing Web-based Advertising Copy to

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  1. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Copywriting gem, December 10, 2008
    Colin C. Mccandless (Franklin, NC) –

    This review is from: The Complete Guide to Writing Web-Based Advertising Copy to Get the Sale: What You Need to Know Explained Simply (Paperback)

    Vickie Taylor emphasizes repeatedly in her book “The Complete Guide to Writing Web-based Advertising Copy to get the Sale: Everything you Need to Know Explained Simply,” that the keys to writing effective web-based advertising copy are brevity and clarity.
    She provides the role model for her recommended approach in this “How to Guide” geared towards freelance copywriters and business owners. Taylor writes in a straightforward and conversational style that is both concise and informative.
    Her purpose is to provide suggestions and advice on basic design guidelines for improving copy appearance and developing quality web content so one can increase sales, and she does so in a clear, efficient manner.
    Taylor shares tricks of the copywriting trade from successful professionals in the business, which provide not only real-world examples, but practical advice and tips from experts who have been through the growing pains and know what works and what doesn’t.
    However, Taylor doesn’t sugarcoat the copywriting business and is up front with her readers concerning its challenges. “The creative world of advertising is tough stuff,” Taylor writes, which she follows later with, “writing copy is not as easy as it may seem.”
    You can tell from the myriad quotes she incorporates into her work from other literary minds that Taylor has a writer’s sensibility: her wide-ranging references to authors include Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Truman Capote, Sun Tzu, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Johnson and others.
    She dispenses good advice throughout, emphasizing a diverse background and diverse experiences to help inform copywriting and reminding copywriting novices that being effective (“words drive the sale”) is more important than being creative.
    Taylor includes helpful sections such as a “Day in the Life,” a contrived, but pragmatic scenario where you imagine a day in the life of a typical consumer in your target market so you can learn how they operate and how to best reach them.
    Also useful is a sample creative brief she develops for a fictional company called “Guac-n-Rock” guacamole which presents a relevant example to business owners seeking to reach their target audience.
    Although her focus is writing advertising copy for Internet media, she explains how to write for different types of media and various types of ad web copy such as e-mail marketing.
    Taylor even includes a section on blogging and new media that describes how incorporating blogs into a business allows you to have an interactive site that connects with consumers on a more personal level.
    While the book does contain some extraneous material (the section on “Creative Aerobics” can probably be jettisoned) her overall message is consistent and novice copywriters or small business owners should find it valuable.

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  2. 4 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Don’t buy! This book is really poor!, December 11, 2009
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: The Complete Guide to Writing Web-Based Advertising Copy to Get the Sale: What You Need to Know Explained Simply (Paperback)

    This book is really useless. It has not been written by a real copywriter and its content is very superficial. Here are some suggestions from the author:

    - Use a telephone number on your website so that customers can call you back
    - People don’t like websites with lots of text
    - Some facts about men as a demographic; they make quick judgements, they like sex, they like sports and technology

    And she continues her useless generalizations about gays, hispanics and other groups. Then, there are some real grammar errors in this book and in no way it gives you any advise on copywriting, other then some general talk that any serious copywriter cannot relate to or learn anything from.

    It’s a shame that I had to pay any money for this crap. I wouldn’t have taken it, even if it had been offered for free!

    To summarize the poor quality of this book: on page 285 there is a picture of the author which is upside down! I mean , does she know anything about quality control or proofreading????????

    To finalize it; this book is full of so called “expert advise” of some so called “copywriters” that give their advise. I guess they put it in just to fill the pages, because it has no value at all.

    What do I care about a copywriter telling me how his first job was and if he was excited? Come on! Tell me something about copywriting!! I bought this book to get some advise on how to write content for my website but now I have to shop for another book, since this book (if it can be called a book) lacked in ALL departments.

    Please spend your cash on other books. Don’t buy this!

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  3. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Taylor Did Her Homework, November 11, 2008
    J. Law

    I can easily recommend Vickie Taylor’s book Writing Web-Based Advertising Copy to Get the Sale. Taylor did her homework and her book is packed full of great tips and info. There is so much great info that the book can almost be treated like a school textbook or reference book. While reading, I found it helpful to keep a notebook beside me, making sure to write down Taylor’s important and useful check lists and ideas. Also, I thought the interspersed “case studies” of professional copywriters were very helpful. It didn’t hurt that Taylor was interviewing people who can write well. Their answers were wonderfully informative and clear.

    Another feature of this book: no matter how complex or advanced the material, Taylor’s style and tone created a clear and engaging delivery. Even the newest copywriter will feel at ease with Taylor. Her writing is intelligent and knowledgeable without talking down to the reader. It’s obvious Taylor is as curious, inquisitive and capable as the copywriters she’s mentoring with her book.

    The book’s only drawback is its title. The book claims to be about writing copy for the web. The foreword is written by a web copywriter about being a web copywriter, and the bulk of the book does focus on web copywriting. Some sections, however (“online advertising,” “meta tags” and “hiring a copywriter,” for example) seemed more geared towards a business owner, rather than a copywriter, and the book’s focus is subsequently lost in a few places. These extraneous topics could have more appropriately appeared in a book titled “How to Promote Your Business in The Digital Age.” Granted, these topics are at least distantly related to the copywriting focus, and, like the book’s other sections, are smartly presented. Also, Taylor including a little too much good info–rather than too little–is an easily forgivable misstep that is perhaps merely a result of her being intensely enthused about her subject, which is also a good thing.

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