Attraction Marketing Definition

What is Attraction Marketing?

The first thing you need to know is attraction marketing is not a new concept. It’s a very old concept with a new name. Attraction marketing started when people started to influence each other. Why is it some people become a famous actor or actress? Why is it some people rise to power and leadership?

The reason is because some people are better at attracting other people. Some people have perfected the skills needed to connect with the masses. Other people were made this way since the day they were born and are naturals. But don’t be too hard on yourself because the attraction skills you need can be taught and picked up with practice.

To put it plainly attraction marketing definition is the process of creating a desire or interest in a person by connecting with them through written word, through voice and through the eyes.

I often watch T.V. and observe the commercials to see the different ways they use attraction marketing. Often times a T.V. ad will show a celebrity using their product. The advertisers use celebrities because they know there are tons of people who are attracted to the celbrity and if a celeb says a product is great then people will buy it. This is attraction marketing at work.

Another example is a T.V. ad showing a couple snuggled up by a warm fire in Each of them are holding a warm steaming cup of hot chocolate. Sitting next to them on the end table is a canister of the hot chocolate mix the advertiser is trying to sell. Do you understand this? They are painting a picture of a happy couple feeling warm and toasty while they drink hot chocolate. This is another form of attraction marketing.

Connecting with your prospect is attraction marketing. Individuals who rank the highest in sales or business are fantastic at attraction marketing. You are taught in sales to create a connection with your potential customer first This is an crucial component of the sales procedure because you need to build a bridge of connection first to gain the trust of the buyer.

Attraction and connection is vital in society and it plays a gigantic role in business. All successful businesses have used some form of attracting in their marketing. Another way to put it is attracting customers. Instead of beating the street and knocking on doors you are attracting people to you. In other words they call you and knock on your door.

How can you use attraction marketing in your business?

Attraction marketing in our current world has been springing up all over the web. Entreprenuers are using attraction marketing through the world wide web. You can observe this all over the web through social networks,blogs,video and others. The internet has created an even playing ground for lots of people because the price is so low. Before we had all of these online communities it was difficult and costly to do effective attraction marketing. It took money and tons of it to create a video or a brochure and get it out to the masses. Today and with the net you can have a personal webpage with your content and send it out to the masses at very little cost. Lots of people are using attraction marketing to promote themselves. The people that do this correctly are creating fortunes online. It all really comes down to how well you market yourself. Many people are trying to market a product or a company and they are getting nowhere. There is an easy soultion. Just market you and you will find success.

Here is one final point. You must be yourself. People are attracted to different people for different reasons. It’s hilarious how often I am told that I remind people of someone they know. People are relating to me on distinctive levels.

I love the T.V. show American Idol. I always find it intriguing that a horrible singer can stay on the show when other great singers leave. Now think about the show. What is the show really doing? Not only do the contestants sing but they do interviews, they show video and they show a story about the person. This is exactly why some contestants continue on even when they sing like a cow. There are people out there who think they are wonderful maybe because of their story and this is attraction marketing.

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