Learn 4 Affiliate Marketing Advantages

Dear ambitious affiliate marketers, I do understand you’re dying to learn about the affiliate marketing advantages before starting this online affiliate marketing business so I won’t make the suspense last very long. I am going to share with you 4 affiliate marketing advantages that actually make this business interesting, enjoyable and financially… cool. And, simply because I want you to know that your magic wand won’t do the trick, I will also talk about a serious disadvantage. Don’t freak out. Stay with me!

What are the 4 affiliate marketing advantages?

1 The really obvious affiliate marketing advantage is that it is an web based business, which implies you are able to work from actually anywhere from Tokyo to Madagascar assuming that you have an internet connection. It is a big advantage.

2 The affiliate marketing strategies are really various which is really great because you can utilize free or paid techniques depending on the time and budget you can invest. I think that having the ability to choose how you wish to work and the amount you would like to invest in this internet business makes it a really manageable and open business. Just for your information, the free strategies are predominantly article marketing (working on content creation) and the paid techniques are mainly Pay Per Click (adwords on Google) and other forms of paid advertising. Needless to say, you can do both at the same time!

3 Among the affiliate marketing advantages that I find in this business, I think you are going to really like this one the most: Your individuality is your marketing weapon. Actually, this affiliate marketing business has nothing to do with big companies advertising to masses, it’s you talking to your website visitors. The loyalty, straightforwardness, cool relationship you can build in how you interact, market affiliate products, write articles, definitely will benefit from your personality, your originality. You can differentiate yourself, you can create new rules, you do not need to be formal. Be yourself.

4 On the subject of affiliate marketing revenue, there is no limit. There are actually multi-millionaires in this business. There’s money to be made in any niche, you only must align a product with a customer. This business is doing better each year. People buy stuff online. A lot. And they will keep doing so.

I hope you find these affiliate marketing advantages convincing!

Still what’s the affiliate marketing negative aspect?

You! It is probably rude of me to say so still, yes, I think you are your own disadvantage. I want to clarify that before you send me a offended message: you are on your own. You may spend hours reading pretty informative articles and ebooks online, no-one can apply things for you, only you can get it done and make all this happen. There is only 1 thing that makes a lot of affiliate marketers fail, it’s their lack of consistency.

You have a choice to make: Enjoying yourself now, working on and off on this business and never make a lot more than 60 dollars a month with this business or being determined, working your butt off a few hours every day, being focused, making small sacrifices (not doing stuff on facebook (yeah I’m not on facebook, I don’t know exactly what people do on it…!) as much as you used to for instance) and eventually enjoying the swimming pool of your villa in Tuscany 1 or 2 years from now while earning a fortune almost on autopilot. Up to you.

What now?

If we are still friends after that, I want to suggest you to take action like… now. Isn’t it a perfect timing? And if you want a very simple and clear step by step getting started course, you can grab this 100% free method for affiliate beginners. It provides self explanatory examples and a detailed action plan.

Thank you for your time!

I’m a French internet marketer, blueberry muffin lover, passionate blogger. I help affiliate marketers getting started and succeeding by keeping things simple and fun as I believe in an out-of-the-box and cool way of doing affiliate marketing! :) Stop by my website if you’re looking for a cool and free affiliate marketing guide.

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